I’m 10 years old and I come from Hartcliffe in Bristol. I like the area I live in, there is good and bad here, but I am proud of where I am from.

It was the most amazing experience to be a part of the Bordeaux trip through the Bristol Together Championships. I was so excited to be going to France as I have never been there, but I was also a little nervous to be so far from home.

I loved every minute of the trip, I made some incredible new friends who were from all different walks of life and we got to to do so many great things.

Ocean with her new friends in Bordeaux
Ocean with her new friends in Bordeaux
Photo by Studio Duo

I really enjoyed riding on a tram and learning about the different culture. I enjoyed all the activities. Football was amazing and my highlight of the trip was the high ropes activity as I enjoy anything physical.

I have learned that you shouldn’t judge people on the way they look or speak, and that just because we are from different areas – or even a different country – we are all the same. Even though we do things a little differently we usually all just want the same things in life!

Bristol 2 Bordeaux 2019 Group Photo

Listen to Ocean and her new friends talk about the trip to Bordeaux with BBC Radio Bristol

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