Being nominated for a Bristol Young Hero Award showed me that the things I do mean a lot to other people and that I can (and do) make a difference despite my age. It also made me feel deeply appreciated which has been instrumental in boosting my self-confidence.

Catherine speaks with Mayor Marvin Rees
Catherine speaks with Mayor Marvin Rees during the BYHA Nominees reception
Catherine speaks with BYHA Sponsors
Through speaking with sponsors Catherine has benefited from opportunities such as Work experience as GKN Aerospace

It was a pleasure to meet the sponsors of the event; thanks to them, I had the opportunity to complete my dream work experience placement, have a wonderful day out at Harry Potter World, and attend many helpful seminars and workshops throughout the city.

The experience has also given me the confidence to join the Bristol City Youth Council where I am part of a group. Making a big difference!

Since being a Young Hero I’ve featured on BBC Radio Bristol and will be supporting next year’s awards ceremony.

Bristol Together Championship

Bristol Together Championships