Pennies for Purpose

As a Bristol business, you know how important it is to be involved in the community.  Pennies for purpose gives your business the opportunity to encourage your busy employees to also support their local community with very little effort.

The scheme enables local businesses and their employees to donate the odd pennies from their payslip to support our three vital programmes.

Pre Bordeaux 2019 meet at Wagamama

How it works for the employer?

Partners with a large payroll can offer their employees the opportunity to donate the pennies from their net pay from 1p to 99p each pay period. 

As the employer you can then decide whether you want the business to match the employee’s donation or not.  

Each pay period the donations will be deducted from the employee’s net pay and the amount taken will be stated on the payslip.  Once the payroll is run the employer will receive an additional report stating how much to donate.  This is paid on a set date each month.

How it works for the employee?

Better Business Challenge

Each year we set ourselves a challenge

In 2020, we wanted to raise at least £20,000 to enable us to buy a people carrier. We needed a suitable vehicle that we could use for our Break Free and Bristol Together Championships programmes.  We knew we needed help from the local business community to achieve our challenge, and so we launched The Better Bristol Challenge.

So, what is the Challenge?

A new vehicle is a big ask, so rather than ask one company to sponsor the people carrier, we asked for local 20 companies to collectively sponsor it.

We are so grateful to the following companies enough for supporting us and donating towards the purchase price of the vehicle.

  • Action Coach Bristol
  • Barrs Court Construction
  • Battrick Clark Solicitors
  • BNI Compton
  • Bom IT Solutions
  • Brandal
  • Crystal Clear Glazing
  • Elmtree Garden Contractors
  • First Class Comms
  • First Point Logistics
  • Inside Travel Group
  • Jeff Way Construction
  • Lancer Scott
  • Mercedes of Bath
  • MJT Controls
  • Rakata Technology
  • Signmarket
  • Sparkle Cleaning
  • Spider Group
  • Tutor Doctor
  • Unitary Engineering Services

Having the people carrier will make transporting food, equipment and young people involved in our projects much easier.

In the school holidays, we run our Break Free holiday programme with Youth Moves, where we deliver a range of fun sports activities for young people in the most deprived areas of Bristol. To help tackle the issue of holiday hunger, we provide the youngsters with breakfast and lunch, ensuring they have at least two meals in the day.

During term times, we run the Bristol Together Championships, twinning local Primary schools. We bring young people from different backgrounds together, to help them help forge friendships with groups they would be unlikely to usually mix with, helping to break down different race, class, geographical and faith boundaries that we see in Bristol, through the medium of football. The programme works with them to form a joint football team from the twinned schools, and compete at an annual tournament.

For the young people of Bristol, we offer them safe places to engage with other young people, activities to help them grow, and feed those most at risk of going hungry.

As we exit the pandemic, we will start to see more families struggle, and issues relating to mental health, and poverty become potentially even more widespread. By helping the youngest citizens of Bristol, we can unite young people, and help them forge new friendships, increase their understanding of the circumstances of others, and provide potential opportunities that they would not otherwise be offered.

How your business can get involved

We are always looking for help with our programmes. If you would like to support us with a donation towards the vehicle – and the costs associated with running it, or any of our programmes, we would love to hear from you.