Bristol Together Championships

Creating an inclusive & fair city

It unlocks the young people’s passions and talents whilst helping them to grow in confidence in sharing their own stories and experiences of life. 

Through sport, they have the opportunity to develop their resilience, improve their physical and mental wellbeing and develop a range of practical and cognitive skills that will support them for the rest of their lives. 

In a year marked by ever-increasing divides, where physical distancing has been necessary due to the pandemic, young people taking part in this project still have the opportunity to build friendships across cultural and social divides, understand their differing experiences, and increase understanding of one another. 

How it works

The reach of the Bristol Together Championships


Years of the programme


Primary schools per year


Young people per year


Official visits to Bordeaux

Mobility iconRecognised as Bristol’s best social mobility programme

Our impact

Bristol Together Championships impact report


said they have made new friends


of those who attended met people from different backgrounds and religons


have visited parts of Bristol that they haven’t been to before


said they feel more comfortable talking to people from other backgrounds or religions


said they want to learn more about other backgrounds and religions


said the helpers on the programme helped them to enjoy themselves


would take part in the programme again


would recommend the Bristol Together Championships programme to their friends

Bristol to Bordeaux impact report


said they have made new friends


said yes to increased confidence


Met other people from different backgrounds and religions


Used a new form of transport on this trip (plane, tram, train & bendy bus)


said they felt happier about speaking to other people from different backgrounds and religions


said the helpers on the programme helped them to enjoy themselves


Said they learnt new skills, such as speaking a new language


Said visiting Bordeaux has made them want to visit new places

The Bristol Together Championships programme is an experience that will live with our kids forever!  From the top-quality coaching, the specialist integration with other schools and the brilliant football festival.  Everything about this programme is exemplary.  We were fortunate to qualify for the Bordeaux trip.  This was the most incredible adventure, and our kids still talk about it to this day! It was truly life-changing for the kids who were lucky enough to attend and I would implore anyone working in a school environment to get involved and experience it first-hand.

Duncan Butler, PE teacher at Headley Park Primary School

Take a look at the programme in action

Listen to Young People talk about the Bordeaux trip on BBC Radio Bristol

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If your school would like to participate in the Bristol Together Championships, please register your interest on the form lower down the page. Please note that spaces are limited and operate on a first-come, first-served basis.


By supporting the programme to twin 40 Bristol primary schools from totally different communities to take part in the Bristol Together Championships, you can help break down the barriers that still exist in our city and create an inspiring opportunity for young people.

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Bristol Together Championships focuses on building a tolerant and inclusive City by twinning primary schools from very different demographics – Dougie Allward/Community of Purpose


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