Bristol Young Heroes Awards

The Bristol Young Heroes Awards recognises the valuable contribution that Bristol’s young people aged 11 to 19 make to the city, particularly those who have overcome difficult circumstances, made a difference in the lives of others or who have achieved the extraordinary! Nominations for 2021 will open from 1st February – 1st March. 

Until then, why not enjoy watching the online edition of #BYHA2020

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#BeautyofBristol Launches Today

Today marks the launch of our new #BeautyofBristol competition which gives anyone the chance to win an incredible prize bundle of a new Samsung 5G phone, a hot air-balloon ride and a beauty treatment. The competition has been launched as we build up to the Bristol...

BYHA2020 registration open

Bristol Young Heroes Awards 2020 goes virtual and invites the whole city for a huge night of pride and celebration For the first time in its seven-year history, the awards night for the Bristol Young Heroes Awards 2020 will be open for the whole of Bristol and beyond...

BYHA 2020 Nominees Announced!

The finalists for the Bristol Young Heroes Awards 2020 have today been announced by organisers, Community of Purpose. The Awards are now into their seventh year and this year have seen more entries than ever before. They celebrate Bristol’s young people who have...

FAQ - Who Can Nominate?

Anyone can nominate a young person for the Bristol Young Heroes Awards.

FAQ - Will it take long to nominate?

No! If you’ve got a young person in mind then it should only take you 10 minutes to make your nomination. We’ve got a simple form on our website and can answer any questions if you email

FAQ - What happens next?

All nominees will be considered for shortlisting where each category will be whittled down to just 3 nominees…

FAQ - Do nominees get anything?

Yes! Aside from an invitation to the Awards night (with 2 guests), successful nominees will get access to services like suit hire, hair styling and a free shopping voucher to get ready for the big night.

FAQ - Does it really matter being nominated?

It’s best to ask former nominees, but they’ve told us it’s life changing! Take one former winner in 2019 who is now on the Youth Council for Bristol City Council and obtained work experience with GKN Aerospace!

FAQ - What are the key dates for BYHA2020?

Nominations Open – 5th November 19

Nominations Close – 13th December 19

Nominee Reception – 4th February 20

BYHA Awards Event – 1st May 20

BYHA 2020 Hall of Fame

Action Hero winner - Robert Tarren

Arts & Culture Hero winner - Teya-Elise Low

Caring Hero winner - Kayleigh Madge

Enterprise Hero winner - Tia Chenoweth

Environmental Hero winner - Elvey Stone

Learning Hero winner - Shae-Anne Hudson

Sporting Hero winner - Matt Maher

Super Hero winner - Elliot Carr

Overall Young Hero winner - Callum Hesketh

Team of Heroes winner - Youth Moves

High Sheriff's Award winner - David Glossop

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