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Help us celebrate Bristol’s young heroes by nominating a young person today.

The young person you are nominating needs to live in a BS Postcode and be aged between 11-19.

Empower your young person!


Of nominees reported a significant boost in self-confidence, aspiration and said they were more likely to try something new.

Being a Bristol Young Hero has also given me the confidence to join the Bristol City Youth Council where I am part of a group. Making a big difference!


Action Hero A young person who has made a contribution to the community by volunteering
Arts and Culture A young person who has exceeded expectations and accomplished something great in one of the Arts.
Caring Hero A young person who is looking after a member of their family and sacrificed a lot by putting someone else’s needs above their own.
Covid Hero A young person who has gone above and beyond during the COVID 19 pandemic and giving something back to their local community.
Enterprise Hero A young person who has identified a need and found an enterprising approach to fill it.
Environmental Hero A young person who is contributing to or co-ordinating activity into having a positive impact to the environment, Locally, City Wide or Nationally.
Learning Hero A young person who has exceeded expectations and achieved success in education, especially by overcoming adversity or challenging circumstances.
Sporting Hero A young person who has exceeded expectations and triumphed in sport, especially by over coming adversity or challenging circumstances.
Super Hero A young Person who has gone above & beyond the call of duty to display an act of courage and bravery or someone who has overcome adversity through illness or disability.
High Sheriffs Award No age limit, Someone who has shown considerable dedication to the service of Young people.
Team Award This is a group or organisation which has shown exceptional team skills and dedication to benefit young people in Bristol

Nomination advice

Gemma’s top tips for nominations


The following nomination form is to nominate a Bristol Young Hero.

Know someone who works with young people who deserves to be recognised? Nominate them for the High Sheriff Award.

Nominations are now closed

The young person you are nominating needs to be aged between 11-19.
The young person you are nominating needs to live within a Bristol Postcode.
If you are unsure what category to choose, please refer to the descriptions above by hovering over the category hexagons.

Each nomination is shortlisted and judged on the following criteria:

1. How strongly the nominees’ actions relate to the category they are nominated for

2. Passion & Ability to inspire

3. Clear set of values

4. Commitment to community

5. Selflessness & Acceptance of others

6. Ability to overcome obstacles and adversity

7. Courage

8. Perseverance

9. Generosity

10. Compassion

11. Hope


Nominations have now closed

Bristol Young Heroes awards is an annual event, so please keep an eye out for when nominations open again. A good way to keep up to date is by signing up to our newsletter below.

Calendar icon Deadline: 28th March 2022

Last years winners


Anyone can nominate a young person for the Bristol Young Heroes Awards, including self-nominations.

There are 9 Award categories that anyone living in a BS Postcode and aged between 11-19 can be nominated for. In addition, there is a Team of Heroes Award, for a team that has supported our young people in Bristol. As well as the high sheriff’s Award for an individual that has shown considerable dedication to the service of Young People

Bristol Young Hero Awards 2020 Nominees

No! If you’ve got a young person in mind then it should only take you 10 minutes to make your nomination.

Our panel of judges will review all nominations and shortlist 3 nominees for each of the categories

Yes! Aside from an invitation to the Awards night (with 2 guests), successful nominees will get access to services like suit hire, hair styling, and a free shopping voucher to get ready for the big night

It’s best to ask former nominees, but they’ve told us it’s life-changing!

Take one former winner in 2019 who is now on the Youth Council for Bristol City Council and obtained work experience with GKN Aerospace!

Watch previous nominees speak about being nominated