Board Games For Bored Kids is simple

The spread of coronavirus has no doubt affected everyone; the NHS is overwhelmed by the extra pressure, workers are unsure about their long-term job prospects and we are all concerned about our loved ones. We’ve been struck by the caring, kind and positive response all across Bristol’s communities and wanted to make sure we were playing our part.

Above all else, Community of Purpose exist to transform the lives of children and young people and we believe education and fun is at the heart of it. While schools are on lockdown, we want help as many children access education and fun resources as possible.

We’re working with our partners in schools and youth charities to identify children who may not be able to afford high quality educative materials, are eligible for Free School Meals or may not have access to good garden space.

And that’s where you come in. We’d love it if you considered taking the following steps:-

1. Donate £20 to enable a child to get hold of some great board games.

2. Tag @CommofPurpose on Twitter using #boardgames4boredkids to let us know you’ve donated and encourage others to do the same!

We’re grateful for your support and thank you for enabling us to do what we do best.


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