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We Are a Community of Supporters…

We believe that transforming lives and communities means engaging people with a range of different skills, resources and time. We’re not about doing things to people but doing with.

We work closely with individuals, groups and businesses to help them understand the valuable role they can play in the community.

We are Community of Purpose, and we’re looking for the following to join in.

Individuals. Groups. Organisations.


As an individual you may feel small, but we believe you are mighty and can make a difference within out communities.

The most effective way to get involved is to either volunteer or donate to our latest cause.


Part of a group that could use a shared interest or hobby to raise money for Community of Purpose? Perhaps you’ve got a challenge in mind and want to give to a good cause?

If you would like to fundraise as a group then we’d love to hear from you!


Part of our mission at Community of Purpose is to help organisations with resources support communities who need support. 

There are a number of ways your organisation could benefit from partnering with us.

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