Bristol Young Heroes – Tyreke Morgan

It’s official! Nominations for the Bristol Young Heroes Awards 2020 are open and we are looking to unearth the latest band of young Bristolians who have overcome adversity and challenging circumstances to make a difference or achieve greatness.

To help inspire you, we’ve invited previous BYHA winners and nominees to share their stories and tell us how being nominated made a difference to them.

This is Tyreke’s story…

What category of the Bristol Young Heroes Awards were you nominated for?
I was nominated as Action Hero for the Bristol Young Heroes award.

What did it mean to you being nominated?
Being nominated meant that I was making a difference and contribution to the community that I was living in as well as the city of Bristol. It showed me that the hard work that I put in for several volunteering roles and work experience activities have paid off to something of this magnitude.

How has being nominated changed you?
The outlook that I gained from this entire experience was that anybody no matter their background can make a positive change within and outside their community. It only takes one person to do one act of kindness to change a generation of people. It was quite surreal to really accept that, but I had to take the blessings where it comes.

“The outlook that I gained from this entire experience was that anybody no matter their background can make a positive change within and outside their community.”

So, I understand that being your best at every moment is important because you never know who may be watching you. For a long time, I didn’t even know why and who nominated me until I got to the awards event. But, people are always watching and your hard work never goes unseen, just because you don’t see the fruits of your labor doesn’t mean the work your doing isn’t making a change to the people your helping. They can see the harvest you have planted, meaning they see the effect of your hard work, helping them get over their own obstacles.

Not to mention, there was a lot of social media coverage about the event, and it was so weird having people I never knew say, ‘hey I seen your face on a post from’.

What was it like attending the BYHA Awards event?
The actual awards event was amazing. Seeing clips of everyone who was nominated and meeting them in person. It gave me an insight into what a lot of young people are doing within the city as well as what other networks there are out there for young people to get ahead in life.

What would you say to anyone thinking of nominating a young person?
I would say please give it to someone who put in the work and is willing to take the responsibility that comes with it. When I got the reward a lot of people who I have seen around in Bristol and even strangers have come up to me and said I saw your picture on the post for a reward show. So, have someone who is respectful and is willing to use this power from the coverage they get to keep uplifting the community.


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