Calling all Primary schools in Bristol and the surrounding areas!

Why should your school sign up to Bristol Together Championship 2020?

Bristol Together Championships twins primary schools from a very different demographic and uses the universal language of football to help cross the borders of race, gender and stereotypes.

A look back on the 2019 tournament…

28 schools from Bristol and the surrounding areas participated in the tournament. Examples of the pairings included Headley Park and Evergreen, and Cathedral and Easton. Each school had 5 year 5 children represent them, and the two twinned schools made a team. The teams enjoyed coaching from a diverse team of coaches who all shared a passion for football.

The annual tournament day held at UWE was a great success, and as well as great footballing ability, it was clear that the children had created some great friendships over the 4 coaching sessions they had.

Four schools were then chosen to represent Bristol in Bordeaux, St Werburghs, Little Mead, Headley Park and Four Acres. Prior to this trip, the children had a healthy food morning at Wagamamas, where they were all introduced to the team that would be travelling.

Bordeaux was full of fun, with plenty football, tram rides, open bus tours and a visit to the Bordeaux City Hall.



Mr Butler from Headley Park Primary school had the following to say about Bristol Together Championships:

‘The ‘Bristol Together’ experience is one that will live with our kids forever! From the top-level coaching they received from the professional coaches from the outset, to the specialist integration with other schools and the brilliant day of competition, everything about the BTC programme is exemplary. In addition, we were fortunate enough to qualify for the Bordeaux trip with our school which was, thanks to Amy and her brilliant team,  the most incredible adventure from start to finish – so much so that our kids still talk to about it to this day. It was truly a life-changing process for the kids that were lucky enough to attend and I would implore anyone working in a school environment to get involved and experience it all first-hand.’

So how does it work and how much does it cost?

  • Schools are twinned with a school from a different demographic and make a team
  • The two teams have 2 coaching sessions at each school
  • Community of purpose will organize transport from the travelling school to the host school
  • A qualified football coach will lead the sessions
  • Each child will be given a journal to complete to keep track of their journey
  • The schools will compete at a tournament on the 14th June
  • Following the tournament, there will be opportunities for assemblies and presentations for the teams to present to their class mates
  • The cost of the programme is £400 per school. This includes all the coaching sessions, insurance, transport, journals, the tournament day and the chance to go to Bordeaux.

How do I sign up?

Send an email to expressing your interest to participate in Bristol Together Championships. The school will then be requested to fill out an entry form, including the school they’d like to be paired with. We will do our best to fulfil these requests.