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Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Mrs Sandra Burlington

Mr Wayne Denniss

Mr A McGregor

Mr D Snook

Mrs J Delaney

Mr Alan Morgan

Mr Brian Hooley

Mr and Mrs Elvidge

Mr Andrew K Morton

Mr Andrew Alcock

Miss Sian Leathem

Miss Nicole Cooper

Miss Sarah Deakin

Mr Matthew Robson

Mr R Barber

Mr D Clements 

Mr J Maingay

T Beane

Mr Stuart Robinson

Mrs Jackie


Mr D W Housecroft

Mr Rodney Hinchliffe

Mrs Jean Sewell
Ian B Gavine

Mr Barry Neal

Mrs B Downes

Miss Cathryn Ryan

Jean Goddard

Ms S Kilshaw

Mr John Martin Scott


This week’s local prize is a ‘Free Haircut Voucher’ kindly donated by NOCO in Clifton.


The winner is: Sian Turrell