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Mr P Stones


Mr J M Morton


Mr S A Dutton

Mrs Bev Beaumont

Mrs Beth Ely

Julie Bradshaw


Mrs Elaine Street

Keith Williamson

Mr Roger Spensley

Diane Walker 


Mr John Statham

Mr R Dransfield

Ms Jacquline McConnachie

Ms Anna O’Connor 

Mr Chris Coletta

Edi Joyce Gettings

Mrs M E Walsh

Mr S Waldek 

Mrs Lisa Fox Pritchard

Mr Kevin Murphy

Miss Clare Green

Mr David Steel

Mrs Anne Tolson 

Mrs J L Greenwood 

Mr John Kaye

Mr Ray William Jarmain

Mr David Ithier 

PG Addy

Miss Zoe Timoney

Mr Steve Dawes

This week’s local prize draw was donated by Boodleboutique. 

A huge thank you for donating a tshirt of the winner’s choice! 

This week’s winner is: Kamila Jankowska