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Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Mrs Helen Smith

Mr Andrew Beaumont

Mrs Diana Walkden

Mr Douglas Biddle

Ms Tracey Gilius

Mr L Croft

Mr Tony Watts

Mr J Knott

John Lowther

Ms Claire O’Neil

Mrs Pamela Meeson

Mrs Carol Burns

Mr Andrew Nickling

Mr Helen Dunning

Mr D M Wright

Mrs Marie Butler

Mr A E Jackson

Mr Andrew Roebuck

Malcolm Shaw

Mrs A C Parsons

Mr RP McLaughlin

Mr P D Rushmer

Mr M J Burnett

Mr Stephen Roberts

Mrs Jacqueline Boniface

Miss Stacey Broadhurst

Mr David Markham

Mr John George Harris

Mr Ian Greenaway

Mrs Janet Gibbs

Our member Kamila Jankowska won one of the winners of the annual draw. For just £2 a week you can be in with the chance of winning cash sums of money, whilst knowing your money goes towards helping us tackle holiday hunger. Read more about the annual jackpot here.