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Mrs A Walker

Janet Senior

Mrs C M Evans

Mrs Rosemary Hulme

Sheila Lees

Prof Steve Carter

Mrs I Booth

Mr A Wood

Mr Sullivan Gardner

Mrs Carole Ann Riden

Mr Victor Brown

Mrs Helen Roberts

Dr Deborah Maxwell

Mrs J R Appleton

Mr R Dransfield

Mrs J Delaney

Mrs Suzanne Slack

Mr N R Bates

Mrs V Saul-Laws

Mrs Z Penrose

Malcom Haigh

Miss L Walmsley

Mr Robert Shaw

Mrs S Nichols

Annette Battye

Margaret Robertson

Diane Walker

K Matthewman

Mrs Audrey Wheelton

Sharon Sutcliffe

A big thank you to NEXT for donating this week’s prize:

A luxury women’s perfume gift set

The winner is:  Courtney Veale