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  1. £1000:

Mrs Audrey Wheelton


Mr Michael Squires


Miss J Tyas

Mr Morando Bertoncini

Mrs Christine Heiden

Mrs R Pollard 


Mr Kevin Hoines

Alan Wainwright 

Mrs Monica Gibbons

Mrs Anne Rose Fenwick


Mr John Osbourne

Mr Bryan Hanson

Mr Malcom Haigh

Mr Peter Sephton 

Mr and Mrs Broadbent 

Mr D Fawcett

Mrs Cheryl Hoole 

Mrs G Armstrong

Mr L Tildsley

Mr S R Quarmby

Mr Joseph Hallas 

Mr D Bithell 

Mr C R Higgs

Mr N Kay

Mr H G Weiss

Mr William Hulme

Mrs Eileen Wallace 

Mr D Hadfield

Mrs W Sterritt

Mrs Julie Walker

This week’s local prize draw was donated by Little Red Apple. 

A huge thank you to Emma for donating an assortment of 10 lovely greetings cards!

This week’s winner is: Abbie Barrett