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Mrs Lynda Green

Ms Helen Battrick

Mrs Vivien Heighway

T Hall

Mr G Nadun

Mrs Karen Wilkinson

Mrs A Honeyman

Mr J Cooper

Mr Carney Turner

Julie Pickles

Mr S C Fletcher

Mrs Y Wright

Mr Trevor Walker

Mr Francis Cosgrove

Mrs Tanya Rumney

Mrs Anne Smithers

Mrs Anne Tolson

Mrs W V Pritchard

Mrs M I Haber

Mr A France

Mr S R Quarmby

Mrs Sheila Harrington

Janet Mitchell

Glenn Holdsworth

Ms Deborah Simpson

Mr A Austin

Glenys R Poole

Mrs C Lazic

Betty Oliver

Mr J G Butcher

A big thank you to Great Western Railways for donating this week’s prize:

2 Standard Class Anytime Rail Tickets!

The winner is: Jake Gready.