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Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Mr Rhodri D Lloyd

Richard A Kaye

Mrs Jean Mckenna

Mr C Winder

Mrs J S Ellam

Mrs Stephania Doney

Mr D M Morgan

Mr R Marsland

Alan Taylor

Siobhan Green

Hazel Marston

Mrs I Glazebrook

Mrs K Gorman

Mr Jonathan Edward Allen

Trevor Hollingsworth

A Kaur

Mike Booker

Ms Hollman-Sykes

Luke Underhill

Mr Dennis Quinn
Mrs Elizabeth Mezzetti

R L Lowther

Mr Geoff Spencer

John Carter

Mrs J Pick

Mrs Rebecca Taylor

Mr A Dick

Mr A P Gize

Mr Colin Wood

Mr Johan Vink

A big thank you to Castle Combe Circuit for donating this week’s prize of:

2 Admission passes to a 2020 race meeting!

The winner is: Matt Robson