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Mrs. Kathryn Butters

Mr. Stuart Quarmby

Mrs. Rosemary Mattock

Mrs. Carol Sutton

N. P. Lumb

Miss Marianne Owens

Yvonne Walker

Mr. C. Rogers

Mr. Alex Brook

Mrs. J. Furness

Mr. Stephan Foster

Mrs. D. Hilburn

Janice Schooling

Richard Brennan

Stacey McDaid

Mrs. J. N. Showers

Mrs. A. L. Phillips

Mr. Kieran Bowers

Mrs. Sally Simmonds

Yvonne Walker

Mrs. Wendy Reade

Mrs. P. Hollamby

Mrs. Jacqueline Clark

Mr. Peter Burrell

Mr. J. Crocker

Mr. G. Hill

Mrs. B. A. Byrne

Mrs. Bradley

Mrs. Joanne Lightfoot
M. Lodge