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Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Mrs J Howis

Mr E W Smith

Mrs H Davenport

Mr R Davies

Mrs M Cotgreave

Mrs S Hallam

Mrs Marjorie Brook

Mrs B Stibbons

W France

Mr David Richard Gainard

D Chapman

Mr T Walker

Mr Anthony Shone

Mrs Patricia Harris

Prof J A Simons

Mr Nigel Chew

Mrs J Barstow

Mrs Christine Widdon

Mr B A Stewart

Derek Hopes

Mr R D Priestley

Mr Tom Baines

Mr J G Butcher

Mrs Alison Mccann

David Ian Browne

Mr Mark Pennington

Mr Anthony Pattle

Mr K Sykes

Martin Gallagher

Mrs Diane Walker

Thank you to Revolution Bristol for donating this week’s local prize: 

2 Friday club drinks vouchers


The winner is: Deema Reid.