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Mr. Chris Kenny

Mrs. Pamela Meeson

Andrew Crowther

H. York

Mrs. Jill Hasler

Mr. S. C. Fletcher

Lewis Galbraith

Mr. B. Coleman

Mrs. Pamela Lumb

Mr. Richard Turner

Mr. M. Robinson

Mr. Malcolm Haigh

Mr. A. W. Berry

Mrs. L. Humpleby

Mr. R. D. Priestley

Dr. M. Boryslawskyj

Mrs. Ruth Taylor

Mr. Michael Innes

Mr. John Gray

Mr. Philip Nelson

Mrs. Rebecca Sheldon

Miss Carly Hough

Ginette Smith

Mr. H. Lees

Mr. Sean Caton

Mrs. S. Addy

Mr. Kenneth Thompson

Paul Storey

Mr. P. J. Kershaw

Mrs. Lynn Smith