Community of Purpose is an award-winning, not-for-profit social enterprise that was founded in 2016 by Amy and Joe Kington, a brother and sister duo from South Bristol.

The pair were born into a large, very caring, and supportive family.  Their parents have been registered foster carers for over 40 years and so they understand the real challenges that some young people face.  

Growing up they have seen first-hand how children’s fate in many ways is fixed at birth, determined by family strength and parent’s financial status.  

They recognise that not everyone is afforded the best start in life but despite this, they share an unwavering belief that everyone can contribute meaningfully to society and fulfil their potential if they are given the right support and opportunities.  

Together, they have built an exceptional board and operational team who have a united passion to transform the lives and futures of young people in Bristol and beyond.

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