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Our Vision

Transforming the lives and futures of young people through Bristolians and businesses who act as a force for good

Our Mission

We create purposeful partnerships so that individuals, business and the community thrive

Bristol Business People Feature Community of Purpose

We deliver five impactful programmes that engage hard to reach groups, enhance community cohesion, improve social mobility as well as celebrating the incredible achievements of young people who have overcome adversity to achieve great things.

With an innovative and pragmatic approach, these projects support communities that are culturally, economically, and geographically disadvantaged.

Our Values

Our alarm clocks aren’t the only thing that wakes us up in the morning – we wake up with a purpose! We want to create an organisation that we are all proud of, by working to a set of values that reflect who we are and what we believe in.

Be Responsible:

We keep our promises, are mindful of our impact on our community and environment, and always try to leave things a little better than we found them.

Be True:

We find the courage to keep being ourselves, and we inspire others by showing them how talented, smart and capable they are.

Be Passionate:

We work hard for the things that we care about; we are committed to making our communities healthy, happy and prosperous.

Our Projects

Bristol Together Championship

Bristol Together Championships