Our Purpose

 We Take Action.

We work with individuals, families and communities, empowering them to identify what is needed to transform their lives and then supporting them to take action. We often act as a link between communities, businesses, the local authority and the voluntary sector, developing activities, projects and services which build aspirations & confidence and tackle inequality.

We work closely with businesses, supporting them to understand the valuable role they can play in the community.

Many of our projects use sport and physical activities, sport and education to bring about social change and are focused on supporting communities that are seen as culturally, economically or geographically disadvantaged. Together we do this by…

Developing and empowering future leaders



Increasing participation in physical activity



Raising and celebrating educational achievement

Improving community cohesion by reaching those on the margins



Promoting well-being and healthy lifestyles



Supporting organisations to deliver social value



Governing CoP efficiently and effectively

Focus on Children and Young People

We have a strong focus on children and young people’s services and where possible focus our energies in specifically supporting the development of girls and women.

Changing Perceptions

We work hard to make sense of the issues which affect young people, and through empowerment and active participation we create communities which take collective action and generate solutions to real life problems.

Business Engagement

We also work closely with the business community and support them so that they understand the valuable role they can play in the community. This can be in a number of different forms: Family Fun days, Team achievement challenges or volunteer days or it can be by investing in one of Our Projects.