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Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Nicola Brown

Mrs S Cooper

David Hopkin

Mrs S Hazlehurst

Mr R Long

Mrs Spear

Mr Richard Stead

Mr J Milne

J Mitchell

Mrs Lorraine Courtney

Ellen Smith

Mrs M J Goodall

Paris Tully

Mrs Maria Boothroyd

Mr John Williams

Mr Jogn McGrath

Glenys R Poole

Mrs J Daykin

Mr Graham Hinchliffe

Paul Bloor

James Bell

Mr A Kershaw

Mrs Heather Raine

G Chapman

Ms K Price

Alan Craven

Mr M. Coldwell

Mr Peter Sullivan

G Lockwood

Mrs Bronwyn Goddard

A big thank you to Next for donating this week’s prize:

A cinema light sign box and cosmetic bag

The winner is: Kamila Jankowska